facial collection

FACIAL — $220
55 minutes
Biotyspa’s a la carte facial, tailored to your own skins needs combined with Biotyspa’s French massage technique to restore balance and clarity to your skin, while offering a sense of fulfillment and serenity. This treatment can include extractions or a peel - depending on your skin needs (dependant on your therapist’s advice). An all-inclusive facial treatment for our first-time clients.
Add $45 for 15 minutes LED

60 minutes
Biotyspa’s signature Gua Sha facial treatment, made with French lymphatic and lifting techniques, helping to contour and sculpt the face, improve lymph and blood flow and get rid of skin congestion. A remodeling facial, leaving the skin radiant, oxygenated, toned and lifted, all set for a deep renewal.
Add $45 for 15 minutes LED

75 minutes
Biotyspa’s Ultimate Flawless facial, focuses on giving the skin a deep cleanse and an instant glow, using an AHA peel and Hyaluronic Acid infused mask, while manually stimulating the collagen production with Biotyspa’s signature French lifting massage technique, using our 3 step Hydra skincare range.
Followed by brightening and soothing Light Therapy, for radiant and healthy flawless skin.
A complete Skin Glow facial, for a camera/event ready complexion.

massage collection

BODY RELAX — $175 - $235
60 or 80 minutes
A restoring full body massage developed to unwind and recharge from head to toe, infused with magnesium oil to release stress and tensions.
Pressure — light, medium or medium +

BODY DETOX (LYMPHATIC) — $190 - $250
60 or 80 minutes
Biotyspa’s signature French lymphatic drainage is performed with soft and gentle strokes to stimulate the energetic points, to assist the body with detoxification. A healthy massage that helps promote lymph flow by draining the body of toxins, improves blood flow and strengthens the immune system. The body is unloaded from oxidative stress and toxins, left refreshed, uplifted and reset.
Pressure — light to light-medium

60 minutes
Biotyspa’s signature body sculpting treatment, performed with hybrid French techniques of Palper Rouler and lymphatic drainage, works to contour the body with sculpting techniques while encouraging the release of fluid and water retention (cellulite). Performed with Biotyspa’s Professional Cellulite Cup and Firming Body Oil. A stimulating massage, which targets stubborn areas, using our signature technique to reshape the body contour and smooth the skin texture at once.

spa packages

115 minutes
Biotyspa body relax massage & facial package designed to unwind from head to toe with an indulging relaxing body massage and a restoring facial. A pure bliss, for those who need to nurture and recharge the body and mind.