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Join over 40,000+ satisfied customers who have transformed their wellness journey with the Biotyspa Body Sculpt Kit. Experience the difference today and redefine your body care routine.

Science Backed

Biotyspa's Body Sculpt Kit has been clinically tested on 20 people for 21 days.

✓ 100% 

Found the treatment to be effective in improving skin elasticity

✓ 95% 
Found the treatment to be effective in improving skin firmness

✓ 95% 
Noticed their skin were smoother after 3 weeks of treatment

✓ 85% 
Found the texture of the skin appears visibly improved

The Expert

Deborah Levy, who had always been passionate about natural beauty and suffered from psoriasis her whole life, decided to pursue her dream and learn French holistic beauty techniques. Therefore she designed a sclulpting lymphatic drainage for body and face, then developped a range of skincare and tools to put these specific techniques into practice.