Inspired by its signature massage, the lymphatic drainage, Biotyspa has designed a specific French technique to answer any body concern, which helps to promote the lymph flow by draining the body of toxins, and strengthen the immune system.

spa & skincare

The French-style beauty, made in Australia, Biotyspa offers treatments designed to enhance women’s natural beauty. Made from natural botanicals and extracts, all of our products are formulated to be used as a part of a skincare ritual, working in synergy with each other to deliver effective and optimal results.

All Biotyspa products are packed with a high percentage of organic ingredients, up to more than 98% — that have been carefully selected to ensure our rituals meet their intended purpose. Similar to the treatments we deliver at the Spa, our skincare line focuses on the essentials of beauty.

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Bioty Babes Series

with Allison Cardoso for Biotyspa