Sustainable Design

— « Maximum impact. Minimum waste. We design our boxes to fit what’s inside with minimal excess. » 

Charles Levy, founder.


We design all our kit boxes, inserts and product unit boxes to fit what’s inside with minimal excess and use 100% recycled paper sourced from sustainable forests FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which is awarded by the World Wildlife Fund and serves as a guarantee of the ethical and sustainable use of wood. This certification attests to the absence of illegal deforestation and the responsible management of forests, as well as the promotion of biodiversity conservation.


We have opted for glass bottles for all our face skincare products due to their recyclability, neutrality, and stability. Glass is a highly recyclable material, and it offers excellent protection and preservation for cosmetic formulations without altering their quality or composition.


Glass being easily breakable, all our body oils and product that are used in the shower are made in recycled plastic for safety reasons. In 2023, we made significant progress towards sustainability by increasing the body of our bottles from 0% to 100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) material, made of recycled plastic water bottles.