Which products are pregnancy friendly?
Most of our products are pregnancy friendly, however we do not recommend our cellulite cup or our detox tea during pregnancy as it is designed for detoxing, which you should not be doing whilst pregnant.

Which products are safe to use whilst breastfeeding?

All our products are safe to use whilst breastfeeding, except our detox tea.

What is the difference between the shower gel or body oil for the Cellulite Duo?

The preference for the shower gel or oil is personal, some of our customers prefer the shower gel as it is easy to use regularly whilst in the shower and incorporated into your daily routine, whereas other customers prefer the oil as it is a leave-on product. Both have been designed to ensure an easy flow of the cup whilst massaging.

How long do you need to massage with the cup?

We recommend using the cup for 5-7 minutes on each targeted area, for example on each thigh for the suggested amount of time.

Can I use my own shower gel or body oil with the cup?

Our body oil and shower gel were specially designed to assist with the use of the cup and are both very smooth and hydrating, which enables the cup to glide easily over the skin, providing the best results possible. Our body oil was designed to penetrate the skin, with actives that help boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will enhance results. Our shower gel is soap free and contains oils that are very hydrating, which enables a smooth usage of the cup as opposed to other shower gels which are more abrasive. We created our cellulite duos to make using the cup that bit easier and simultaneously enhance results.

Is bruising/sensitivity normal after massaging with the cup?

Light bruising may occur after massaging with the cup - especially for the first times - if so, we'd recommend to adjust the suction to a lower intensity, as results come with the regularity of the massage, and not the intensity.

I am struggling to use the cup, what am I doing wrong?

When using the cup, it is important to apply a generous amount of oil or shower gel to the skin to ensure that it glides smoothly over the skin. This will also help maintain the suction, as the cup works better on moist, hydrated skin and is almost impossible to use on completely dry skin. We also have an online tutorial on how to use the cup, both on our website and our Instagram page.

I don't see results with the cup, what am I doing wrong?

To ensure you see results, it is important to use the cup correctly and on a regular basis, especially at the beginning. We recommend watching our tutorial video on our website and using the cup for 5-7 minutes every other day for the first few weeks.

Can I use the cup on spider veins?

We do not recommend using the cellulite cup on spider veins or varicose veins.

Does the cellulite cup actually work? How?

Our cellulite cup is very popular and effective in targeting cellulite and releasing water retention as it mimics the famous and effective French Palpate Roll massage technique. The cellulite cup uses suction and circular motion to break down and eliminate cellulite in the targeted area- if you don't believe us, check out its reviews!

Do you have B/A?

You can find all our B/A on our IG page Highlights.

What's the difference between the Cellulite Cup, Cellulite Duo and Slim body kit?

The cellulite cup is our best seller and a good first step in targeting your cellulite. However, you can not use it by itself. The cellulite duo, with either the oil or the shower gel, was designed to make the use of the cup easier and more effective. The Slim body incorporates all of our body products - with a skin prep, a massage duo (cup and shower gel), plus a inside-out duo of treating products (firming body oil and detox tea) - that helps to get better results, faster.

Why should I use the detox tea?

When you use the cellulite cup, you are breaking down the cellulite in your body. By drinking our detox tea which has diuretic properties after or throughout the day, you are helping to eliminate and detoxify the body as well as assist with any water retention you may have. Our detox tea will help to achieve better and faster results.

Shipping / Delivery

I can't track my order, what's happening?
If you have received a notification saying your parcel is on its way but cannot see any further updates, it may be that the courier has not yet scanned your parcel or that the tracking has not yet been updated.

I haven't received my order yet, what's happening?
You should be able to track your parcel with the link provided by us, however if you are having difficulty tracking your parcel or have not yet received your parcel, please reach out to us at orders@biotyspa.com and our lovely team will do their best to assist you.

I have lost my tracking link
Please email us at orders@biotyspa.com and our team will provide you with your tracking link.

Do you deliver worldwide?
We currently deliver to Australia and New Zealand, but we are working on shipping globally soon.

I have ordered the wrong products, what can I do?
If you have ordered the wrong product, please email our sales team immediately at orders@biotyspa.com to request a change in your order. If your order has not yet been shipped we will happily assist you in amending it, however once your order has been processed and shipped, we are not able to make any changes to it. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure your order is correct before completing your purchase.

Can I return or exchange a product?
For health and hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges of any of our products, unless the product is faulty.

Can I change my shipping address?
If you have entered an incorrect address, please email our sales team immediately at orders@biotyspa.com to request a change in address. If your order has not yet been shipped we will happily assist in changing the shipping address, however once your order has been dispatched, we are not able to make any changes to it. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you enter the correct address before completing your purchase.

I have a voucher, how can I use it?
Vouchers can be used for treatments at the Spa. To book a treatments using a Biotyspa voucher, you can book your appointment through our website by using our online reservation system. If you wish to use your voucher for online purchases, please email sales@biotyspa.com and our team will provide you with an online store credit.

I have a discount code but can't find where to enter it:
Once you have finished shopping, click on "checkout" - to the left of the screen you will be asked for your shipping details and to the right of the screen you will see an option to enter "discount code". Please note if you do not apply your discount code before completing the payment, we may not be able to accept the code. Please note multiple discount codes cannot be used for one order.