Biotyspa 4-step body sculpting ritual for optimised results

Biotyspa 4-step body sculpting ritual for optimised results

Biotyspa 4-step body sculpting ritual for optimised results

Just like all of our kits and duos here at Biotyspa, the slim body kit was created with our top-selling products and our utmost savoir-faire to target a specific concern: cellulite, water retention and firmness of the skin.

Designed with a 360 approach, our Biotyspa body sculpting kit contains our exfoliating spa glove, organic shower gel, top-selling cellulite cup, firming body oil and our detox tea, to help achieve results inside and out.

Since launching this kit, we have received hundreds of great reviews and results but also a fair few questions about the “how to’s” of the kit. Therefore, in this article, we plan to break down the do’s and don’ts of Biotyspa top-selling body sculpting kit, to help you achieve the best results possible.



Using the Exfoliant glove on clean damp skin, preferably under a warm shower, gently buff away dead skin cells in circular motions. Focus on areas such as the belly, thighs and butt as this will help reduce scars, stretch marks and cellulite. Preparing the skin before using the cup is not only a great way to ensure your skin is smooth and shiny but also that the skin absorbs firming body oil later on.



Using the organic shower gel, cover the targeted area with one pump or two. Holding the cup, press down the middle of the cellulite cup with both thumbs and plug on to the targeted area - this can be your stomach, butt, thighs.

Move the cellulite cup in circular motions to start with, focusing on the areas with cellulite you wish to target. Following this, make zig zag motions on the targeted areas, always on hydrated and moist skin. To finish with, massing in straight motions from the bottom of the area to the top. If you are targeting the stomach, perform clockwork motions around the area. 

Check our Youtube tutorial showing How To use Biotyspa Cellulite Cup.



Apply the firming body oil on clean and dry skin, focusing on the stubborn target areas. Massage the oil into the skin gently and let it be absorbed. Made from a dynamic blend of vitamin E enriched oils combined with coffee extract to deliver firmer skin and encourage lipolysis while restoring softness and elasticity to the skin.



Our Detox tea, previously known as our slimming tea, is made from a French inspired recipe to assist the body with lymphatic drainage and further the detoxification process after using the cup. Place a pyramid into a cup of boiling water, allow to infuse for 3 to 5 minutes, remove the bag. Alternatively pop a pyramid in your water bottle and enjoy throughout the day!


See the Slim body kit


Now here are a few extra tips that are good to know when first using the cup and the slim kit: 
  1. It is quite common for the cup to become unstuck, if this happens simply plug it back on to the target area and continue massaging.
  2. Before using the cup, ensure the area is well moisturised and hydrated, this will make it easier to use and less painful. Note: it is almost impossible to use on dry skin.
  3. It is quite common to experience discomfort and light bruising when first using the cup however it should never feel extremely painful. If it feels sore, lower the suction and if bruising does occur, wait for the bruising to fade before continuing. The best results with the cup come from the frequency of using it rather than the intensity of the suction. 
  4. We recommend using a medium suction pressure and massaging 5 minutes per zone on a daily basis for the first 3 to 4 week and then maintaining 2 to 3 times a week.
  5. It is important to drink water throughout the day, this will help eliminate the toxins and drain them from the body.
  6. This kit isn’t pregnancy friendly, mainly because we don’t recommend using the cup, the tea nor detoxing the body throughout pregnancy. It is fine to use whilst breastfeeding however do not apply the firming body oil to the breasts.  
  7. Results can appear from the first usage, however most people start to really see the results after three or four uses. 
Got another question? Check out FAQ page biotyful