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Professional Beauty

“We spoke to Biotyspa founder, Deborah Levy to learn more:


Share your experience of working in the spa and beauty industry before founding Biotyspa, and how COVID lockdowns pushed you to create at-home kits. 

“I have always been passionate about natural beauty and suffered from psoriasis my whole life. Lymphatic drainages helped me in managing skin inflammation in my body so I have always been keen to learn how to provide a treatment that does good on the inside-out.

After working in the beauty industry for years in Paris – at Shiseido Paris (in Communication) – I decided to pursue my dream of learning French holistic beauty techniques. I learned and completed my training in France just before moving to Australia, where I founded Biotyspa.

In 2016, I decided to open my first studio at Bondi Beach, offering French treatments designed and performed by myself. The spa became popular in no time and I hired and trained my staff to help me to deliver our signature Biotyspa treatments at the spa.

In 2020, while the spa was shut due to the first COVID lockdown, we wanted our clients to be able to maintain their Biotyspa Spa treatments at home and so, the Biotyspa Spa DIY kits and duos were born! We worked on the kits for months and once we launched we sold like crazy.”


Describe the French approach to lymphatic drainage.

“Lymphatic drainage is very popular in France, your GP would prescribe it to you in which you’ll get your annual 5-10 massages done at a physiotherapist’s (very different from a Spa one but still effective). So I would say it’s part of our culture and lifestyle to have it done regularly.

There are a range of different techniques to perform lymphatic drainage but the most effective one performed in France remains the one done with soft, light pressure, and repetitive movements. The French Lymphatic Drainage must include effleurage (manual skin brushing strokes) in order to move the fluids towards the lymphatic nodes where we will perform pompage (pumping) strokes to assist the body with the detoxification.”


Is it possible to perform lymphatic drainage incorrectly?

“Yes, I have tried many ‘trendy’ places in Australia and in the US where they will call their massage a lymphatic treatment, when in reality it has nothing to do with proper lymphatic drainage. Your lymphatic system follows a rhythm and has a specific way of circulating, so in order to perform a proper lymphatic drainage you will have to understand the lymphatic network first. This is the starting point of all training. Once you understand how it works and where to move the lymph throughout the body then you can learn the techniques and apply the right pressure.

This was a strong reason as to why I chose to make online tutorials. By demonstrating and educating the importance of how to perform a good lymphatic drainage from the comfort of your home featuring our Body Gua Sha Duo.


Why is performing lymphatic drainage techniques on the face and body regularly so effective?

“The lymphatic system is the detoxifying system of your body, it’s the one in charge of getting rid of toxins and waste your body is consistently making (even if you are healthy, your body produces wastes from its daily activity – stress, pollution, chemicals/pesticides absorbed, cell activity…). A contrario, a ‘congested’ lymphatic system will have difficulty to eliminate them, which is why lymphatic drainage is essential to activate it.

In comparison to the blood system which has the heart to activate its flow (and create pulsion/movement), the lymphatic system doesn’t have an organ to help in activating its flow so the only way to activate it is manual (walking, swimming, yoga, massages…)

By activating your lymphatic system, you assist your body in its organic daily detoxification process (remove toxins and waste out of the body) which leads to a stronger immune system (that your skin will benefits from, too) and a ‘cleaner’ body that is not overloaded by congestion, ie. glowier and healthier skin that is more able to renew on a daily basis.

For me, beauty comes from within at first, and focusing on the lymphatic system is key to building the fundamentals of a healthy beauty routine (referring to congestion, anti-ageing process, skin glow and cell renewal that happen deep from within). It’s great taking supplements such as collagen and applying pricy serums on your face, but if your lymphatic system is congested, no magic will happen, so I would recommend to get your lymphatic massage done on a regular basis (at the Spa or at home) to see visible and consistent results.”


We’re particularly impressed by the design and functionality of your Body Sculpt Cup! How long did it take you to achieve the most suitable design?

“We were originally inspired by the design of the Chinese cupping tool, but quickly realised it was not made for the lymphatic drainage massage at all, as the silicone is way too robust, the suction is too strong and may cause bruises, edges are too harsh. Therefore, based on six years of experience, we had to break it down and reshape it to make it better. It took us almost a year to develop the right tool. And after more than 20 different prototypes made of 3D printed silicone, we came up with this unique design which is the perfect combination between the French palper rouler technique and lymphatic drainage manual massage. 

Our innovative Body Sculpt Cup underwent a Clinical Study in 2023 with clinically recorded results showing the effectiveness in the reduction of cellulite, improvement of microcirculation, skin elasticity and improvement of skin firmness after only 21 days of daily use.


If a beauty therapist was looking to gain further training in how to effectively perform lymphatic drainage treatments, where or who should they consult for training?

“There is an array of training available on the market today. It depends which techniques they aim to perform later, the South American, the French, the Oriental…

It took me a few years before achieving [Biotyspa’s unique] technique and being able to deliver impressive results from the first session. Passion (and experience)  is what drove me to achieve this.”


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