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Face Gua Sha Duo

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Experience Biotyspa’s signature face sculpting massage at home to remove skin congestion, lift and refine the face contour. The skin is oxygenated and stimulated, offering a brighter and firmer look. When done on a regular basis, the Gua Sha massage boosts the collagen production.

01. The Hydrating Face Oil prepares your face for massaging with the Gua Sha. It also protects your skin from dryness and premature aging. It provides a barrier over the skin to lock in nutrients, and bring your skin a potent dose of aging omegas to boost cell renewal.

02. The Face Gua Sha, due to its composition of microelements and low temperature, assists the lymphatic drainage and boost the collagen production.


. All skin types


. Sculpts & lift
. Boost cell renewal and collagen
. Defines the jawline, cheekbones and brow-bones
. Smooths fine lines
. Promotes circulation




Q. Is the Face Gua Sha Duo safe to use during pregnancy?

A. Yes, the Face Gua Sha Duo ritual is safe for pregnancy and during breastfeeding.


Q. Where should I store the Hydrating Face Oil?

A. It is preferable to store all your skincare in a cool place in your bathroom, avoiding direct sunlight.


Q. Is the Hydrating Face Oil custom formulated?

A. All Biotyspa skincare are custom formulated and made in Australia.


Q. Is it cruelty-free?

A. Yes, all Biotyspa skincare are cruelty-free and vegan certified by the UK based the Vegan Society.