Biotyspa at Onda Beauty in New York

Biotyspa at Onda Beauty in New York

We're thrilled to announce that Biotyspa's signature Body Sculpt Kit is now available at Onda Beauty.

You can find our iconic body ritual at Onda Beauty stores in Tribeca, New York, Canoe Place in the Hamptons, and Sag Harbor. Known for its profound benefits on the lymphatic drainage system, this coveted kit helps stimulate the body's detoxification process. Alongside its lymphatic benefits, it also improves skin tone and texture, and aids in reducing the appearance of cellulite. The pairing of Onda Beauty and Biotyspa is a match. Onda Beauty is renowned for its specialization in lymphatic drainage. In alignment with this ethos, they have thoughtfully integrated the Biotyspa Body Sculpt Cup into their treatments, fostering a holistic, wellness-focused approach to beauty.

To ensure a seamless fusion of techniques, Deborah, Biotyspa’s founder, visited the Tribeca location in New York last April. She meticulously trained the Onda beauty team on Biotyspa rituals and the unique French lymphatic drainage techniques that form the cornerstone of our brand.

Experience the transformative benefits of the Body Sculpt Kit at an Onda Beauty location near you.

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