Deborah Levy, founder of Biotyspa, talks clean beauty and French treatments

Deborah Levy, founder of Biotyspa, talks clean beauty and French treatments

Biotyspa founder, Deborah Levy, was invited by our New Zealand Spa partner, Hana Space, to discuss all clean beauty and founder's journey leading to create Biotyspa treaments and products.


What was your journey leading you to create Biotyspa?

 "We founded Biotyspa with my husband Charles in 2016, one year after arriving in Australia. Charles and I are from Paris, where we met. At that time we both worked for global beauty groups in Paris.

I worked at Shiseido and he worked for L’Oreal , so we were quite familiar with the beauty industry.

I have always been passionate about beauty, and everything holistic, from beauty to wellness as I suffered from psoriasis since I was a child.

My mum was a reflexology therapist so I was influenced me in specialising in beauty that does good.

I learnt how to perform French holistic beauty techniques in Paris just before coming to Sydney with my husband.

Using these French techniques and savoir-faire, I developed Biotyspa treatments to detox, sculpt and lift the body and face, while addressing a variety of skin concerns, with a complete French Spa experience and service."


What is the main ethos behind Biotyspa?

"We are specialised in lymphatic drainage at Biotyspa, so it is key for us to use clean formulations, free from nasties and chemicals to not overload the body from properly detoxify, renew and oxygenate.

Doing conscious and clean beauty is essential to optimise results from all our Biotyspa beauty rituals.

Make the product you use are natural and clean formulated in order to make sure it is working with your body and not against your body."


A talk about your range of products and how they can support people...

"We have designed beauty protocols to do at-home for body and face, to bring the biotyspa Spa treatments home with DIY beauty rituals.

You can enjoy our iconic face & body massage from the comfort of your home,
using our online tutorials with every steps detailed.

Our two most popular DIY rituals are our iconic Biotyspa Body Sculpting Kit ft our Body Sculpting Cup with Shower Gel and Firming Body oil to contour the body with a healthy massage that helps promote lymph flow by encouraging the elimination of fluid, toxins and water.

For the face, our Gua Sha Duo is very popular, ft our Gua Sha tool and Organic Face Oil, it helps to contour and sculpt the face and improve lymphatic flow.

A remodelling facial, easy to do at home, leaving the skin radiant and lifted."


What does feeling healthy mean and look like for you?

"I have always been living healthy, for me it’s a habit to get, and it includes lots of factors, it doesn’t rely on just one thing.

Eat nourishing food, keep yourself hydrated, move your body daily, practice a « me time » regularly, having fun and be happy in your life makes you feel healthy.

If doing all those « healthy thing » makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed then there is no point, you need to enjoy doing this.

I travelled a lot lately, and I found it hard to feel healthy when I don’t have my day to day habits, such as waking up stretching, taking my probiotic with a glass of lemony water prior having breakfast.

When I travel I found that doing my beauty routine is one of the most easy way to keep me healthy, no matter where I am, I always bring my Body sculpting cup with me as it helps me keeping my body detoxified and toned + I drink a minimum of 2L of water, so my lymphatic system is looked after and keeps me healthy and balanced when away."


Listen to the full audio podcast here.