What are the different types of cellulite?

What are the different types of cellulite?

What are the different types of cellulite?

Let’s talk cellulite.

There is many different types of cellulite affecting anywhere between 80 to 95% of women around the world.
Many studies suggest cellulite is as much of a health issue as it as an appearance issue and whilst some women do have a greater number of fat-storing receptors which is normally genetic, many forms of cellulite are the result of no exercise, bad health and diet or an imbalanced hormone system.
With so many women around the world dealing with the affects of cellulite both emotionally and physically, let’s talk about the different types and their causes.



Often the result of hormonal changes, ageing, and weight gain, soft cellulite is distinguishable by flabby and saggy skin texture around the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arm areas of the body. This type of cellulite is not painful but does lack any muscle tone and sometime even bad skin tone. Soft cellulite is one of the easier types of cellulite to treat.



Hard cellulite; also known as solid cellulite, is one of the hardest types of cellulite there is to treat. This is because it is often the result of cellulite developing and compacting over many years. It is often located in the hips, the thighs, around the buttocks and sometimes inside the knee. Its appearance can be compact and painful to touch and is the result of being overweight and a lack of exercise in one’s life.



Located in the lower part of the leg, in the thighs, knees and calf, oedema cellulite is the result of poor circulation and fluid retention in the body. Which is why this type of cellulite is often associated with water retention in the body. It is easy to treat and is identified with symptoms such as heavy legs and swelling sensations in the body, often related to fluid retention in the body. There are many contributing factors to the development of oedema, with lack of exercise and bad diet being the most common causes.


how to treat your cellulite concerns



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